Bio: I believe in nothing and everything. This allows my mind to remain wide open for all possibilities.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Karen – You had asked for some feedback, so I came on over to read your blog and let you know what I think. I think the Costco post was helpful and funny, especially the pictures. Yes, it may have been a little harsh, but I think anyone who has worked in retail knows how incredibly obnoxious customers can be sometimes and it also doesn’t make for a very nice place to shop either. Thanks for following my blog, I’ll following yours too!

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    1. Thank you for the reply. I really appreciate it!! I am glad you enjoyed the blog. I tried to keep it humorous, but also get my points across. Did you find the information helpful? There are a lot of things people don’t realize about Costco and I think another blog is on the horizon!

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    2. thought! However, you'd only need a video cam with mic, and the gifts which He has already bestowed on you. Reading this aloud *with exeenssiverpss* would be enough. Great stuff, here. I envy your mother 😉


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