I have one nerve left, and you’re on it.

last nerve 2 last nerve

Let me begin by saying, I would love for this to be a humorous post, and I hope it is, but I can’t make any promises.  I will add lots of pictures.  That seems to help.

I try to be humble in my life.  I don’t brag about things, I don’t showboat, and I don’t toot my own horn, well too much anyway.  I guess this statement just proved me wrong. Shit.

Anyway, I have a problem when people brag. Especially on Facebook.  I don’t know why it bothers me, but it just does.  It gets on my nerves.  I seriously don’t care that you got permission from your husband to go on a shopping spree, or that you got your 5th coffee pot.  Your crap doesn’t effect me, which is why, I guess I don’t want to hear about it.  Wow, that was a vain thing to say.  Shit again.  I keep contradicting myself.  Hell, at least I can admit it.  Anyway, why do people find it necessary to post about these things constantly?  Do they want people to be jealous of them?  Are they just trying to get attention?  What are they trying to gain?  Friends? More crap?  I just don’t know.  I never want people to be jealous of me.  EVER.  That feels icky to me.  Enjoy these E-cards about bragging and then I shall let it go.

brag1 - Copy brag2 brag3 - Copy brag4 brag5 brag6

Next up on the agenda: Those who take advantage of others and are constantly manipulating people for their own gain.  Narcissists, you could call them.


Their life revolves around them and their own personal gain.  Every move they make, everything they say and everything they do, will in some way benefit them.  When they say something nice to you, your first instinct is to try and figure out what it is they are trying to get from you.


It is like when your child enters the room and gives you a big hug and asks if there is anything they can do to help around the house.  You know they want something.  Usually it is just one thing, a ride to the mall, $20 to go to the dance, or a new pair of shoes they “need”.  We all know it is just a one time deal.  With narcissists,  it is constant.   Every word uttered out of their mouth is about them in some way.  Even when they ask how someone else is doing, it is because they need or want someone from that person and need to use you to get to that person.


It is exhausting to have to deal with these people on a daily basis.  Completely exhausting.

This post isn’t funny at all.  Shall I bring up politics, abortion, religion?  OK!!

So, about your religion, it is just that, YOUR religion. Keep it with you.  I am not a freak anti-religion person.  I don’t care what you believe, or how you practice.  It isn’t my business.  Stop making it my business.  I am well aware of your beliefs, you needn’t bring it up in every conversation, Facebook update or post you share.  Here and there is fine.  I don’t mind.  When you make it a part of everything you say and do, you take away from your own self definition.  You close doors to people who could be a wonderful part of your life and you also close doors to yourself.  You let something consume you so much that you have become your religion and only your religion.  Same goes for those who’s lives revolve around their work-out regimen and eating habits.  Is that all you are?  Who are you?  You are the gym and the lean grilled chicken breasts.  That is all I know about you.

This blog isn’t funny at all.  So here is this.


Maybe Thursday will be better.  When does Mercury get out of retrograde, or whatever that astrological shit is that is making us all kinds of effed up?

I need a Xanax


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